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St. Lawrence ACW

(Pictures to come soon)

ACW Purpose and Aims

To provide the opportunity in the Diocese for all women to be united in a fellowship of worship, learning and offering with a view to deepen and strengthen their devotional life.  To make all women in the Diocese aware of the total mission of the Church and to lead them into fuller Christian service.

St. Lawrence ACW meets twice monthly, the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month.  The first meeting of the month is our Business Meeting, the second is our Fellowship Night.  During our business meetings, we plan our events and discuss any matters which may arise and need addressing.  Our Fellowship Meetings can be anything from Craft Night to hosting other ACW’s to carrying out Outreach Projects, or coming together to enjoy each others company with cards or board games and, of course, ‘a cup of tea’. 


We host a variety of events throughout the year, giving us the opportunity to make an annual donation to St. Lawrence General Fund.  These events include our Spring Sale, Fall Fair, Valentine’s and Paddy’s Day events.  Some women of the Parish who do not attend our regular meetings will join us to help put off our fundraisers, we are immensely grateful for this help. We also give annual donations to our GA Girls, the Parish Christmas Hampers, and other Church related matters as requested by our rector or our Diocesan Council.


Membership is open to all women who are supportive of the purposes and aims of ACW.  Our members range in age from early 30’s to early 80’s; we also have working Mom’s in our group, who can’t always help at our events, but enjoy the fellowship and friendship gained through our group. 

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