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These regulations cover many of the most commonly asked questions at marriage interviews. If you need further explanation of any of them, please do not hesitate to ask the Rector.


  1. The Rector is to be consulted well in advance of a proposed marriage. As our Canon (Church Law) on Marriage states, “It shall be the duty of those intending to marry to give due notice to the minister at least sixty days before the proposed wedding.” (Canon XXI, On Marriage in the Church: The Anglican Church of Canada).

  2. Couples being married at St Lawrence Church must attend and complete a Marriage Preparation Course, or an equivalent preparation by the Rector. Couples who live away, and who are coming to Portugal Cove and who will not have time before the wedding to attend a local course or equivalent preparation by the Rector are to complete a course offered or approved by their priest in the area which they reside. A Certificate of Attendance and Completion is to be forwarded to the Parish prior to the wedding.

  3. A Marriage License is required by law and the marriage can be solemnized only within a period of thirty days following the date of issue of the license. This license may be obtained from a local issuer of licenses or from the Division of Vital Statistics, Old Placentia Road, Mount Pearl. The license should be brought to the Rector as soon as it is obtained, and in any event at least four days before the date of the wedding.

  4. Marriage is forbidden by law to any persons under the age of sixteen years. Minors (under the age of nineteen) require the written consent of their parents to be married.

  5. Marriage may not be solemnized during the two weeks before Easter (including Holy Saturday)

  6. The Rector reserves the right and privilege of officiating at all marriages at St Lawrence Anglican Church. Special consideration will be given to allow a relative of the bride or groom who is an Anglican priest or the Anglican Rector of one of those intending to marry. In all cases, however, the Rector is to be asked to participate. Other clergy may be invited to insist with the ceremony, but in all such instances a formal invitation must come from the Rector of St Lawrence.

  7. The choice of music for the ceremony must be appropriate to the occasion and respectful of the church. If the couple chooses to have the Parish Organist play at their nuptials, it is their responsibility to contact the organist as soon as possible to discuss the choice of music. Because the Marriage Ceremony is a sacrament of the Church, appropriate music is that which is conducive to worship. Please discuss the music selections with the rector at a reasonable time before the wedding.

  8. If special flowers are wanted in the Sanctuary, the President of the Altar Guild must first be consulted. Artificial flowers are not permitted in the Sanctuary.

  9. The marriage services in The Book of Common Prayer and The Book of Alternative Services are the only two rites permitted in the Diocese.

  10. Anglican Communicants are encouraged to consider being married in the setting of a Nuptial Eucharist. Communicants of other parts of the Church are welcome to receive Holy Communion at the ceremony as well.

  11. Wedding ceremonies are permitted outside the Church building, only if planned in consultation with the Rector.

  12. Regulations concerning the use of photography are set out below. We suggest that you inform your proposed photographer and/or videographer about these regulations when booking their services. Only the photographer and videographer are permitted to take pictures in the Church

    1. Photographs may be taken when the wedding party is entering and leaving the Church, and when the Marriage Registers are being signed. Pictures are discouraged during the time the actual service is in progress.

    2. The Church is available for photographs following the service, if the couple so desires. Time may be a factor. If another wedding is scheduled following your service, then a 30 minute time limit is permitted for your posed photography.

    3. A video may be taken, but only from a fixed position as directed. Additional lighting is not permitted.

    4. Under no circumstances is confetti, rice, etc. to be used in St Lawrence Church or on its grounds.

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